June 16, 2010

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  1. Timothy Says:

    I didn’t know that your Italian Husband was so… small and hairy. Why is he wearing the collar and chain?

  2. Nick Says:

    It’s so sweet to see you and Stefano in a tender moment like that.

  3. Cathy Trimble Says:

    What a delightful blog this will be. I adore several of your statements here, especially the paragraph where you aspire to inspire questions and …the root of all joy. Those feel as fresh to me as that bag of lemons I’m going to gather in readiness for your next installment.

    ps the photo w/ the chimp should be on the back of your book when its published.

  4. Eileen Says:

    …like a momma does. Best line ever

  5. Marilyn Harryman Says:

    Didnt get notificaton of the wonderful 4th of July issue except through Woody! So, I am signing up again and loving every word and picture.

    Have contributed to elephant park again as a result.
    Don’t wait until August for next post…please…

  6. Thanks Marilyn! The elephants (and a lot of others) love that you have and continue to donate! xx

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